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Religion: Databases & Webpages


Web Pages - Provides a collection of statistics and religious geography citations. Includes statistics on the world's major religions, major branches of world religions, world's largest churches, largest religious groups, and largest communities of religious peoples. Offers a FAQ section, and keyword searching capabilities.

Comparative Religion - A resource for the study of world religions. Links and essays.

Early Church Online Encyclopedia - Hypertext encyclopedia of the early Christian Church up to the Reformation.

Encyclopedia Mythica - An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend.

Encyclopedia of Hinduism - A 18 volume Encyclopedia on Hinduism.

Gnostic Society Library   

 Google Religion and Spirituality Web Directory  

 Guide to Early Church Documents 

Institute for Christian Leadership- Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity - This page lists a number of sites on the Internet that are useful for the study of Judaism and Christianity. The list is necessarily partial, provisional, and even parochial.

Internet Sacred Text Archive - "This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship."

Noncanonical Homepage   

 Scrolls from the Dead Sea  

 The Koran - On this Web site, there are three translations of the Qur'an. Note that any translation of the Qur'an immediately ceases to be the liter

World Mythology - An overview of myths from various cultures. Many images and examples from all over the world.

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts  - Through thousands of quotations of various world scriptures, this site tries to bring a general understanding of world religion.

Divine Digest - A quick reference guide to the major World Religions.