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Sociology Resources: Reference Sources

Selected resources available in the USC Upstate Library and on the Web.


Dictionary of the Social Sciences - Available online in Oxford Reference Online.

Dictionary of Sociology - REF HM17 .C66 1998, and online in Oxford Reference Online.

Sage Dictionary of Sociology - REF HM425 .B78 2006

Issues and Opinion

CQ Researcher - REF H35 .E35

Gallup Poll - REF HN90 .P8 G35

Sociology and Social Science Encyclopedias

Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology - EBSCO eBook

Encyclopedia of Social Theory - Gale Virtual Reference Library

Encyclopedia of Sociology - REF HM425 .E5 2000, vols. 1-5, and online in Gale Virtual Reference Library.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences - REF H41 .I58, vols. 1-26

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences - REF H40 .A2 I5 2008, vols. 1-9

Sage Dictionary of Social Research Methods - EBSCO eBook

Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods - REF H62 .L456 2004, vols. 1-2

Sage Handbook of Sociology - EBSCO eBook

Social Science Encyclopedia - REF H41 .S63 2004, vols. 1-2

Reference Works on Specific Topics

Encyclopedia of Aging - REF HQ 1061 .E53 2006, vols. 1-2

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood - REF HQ767.84 .E53 2004, vols. 1-3

Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience - REF HQ 1073 .E544 2009, vols. 1-2

Encyclopedia of Disability - REF HV1568 .E528 2006, vols. 1-5

Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism - REF E184 .A1 E58 1994, vols. 1-8

Max Weber Dictionary - REF HM425 .S94 2005

Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology - EBSCO eBook

Sage Dictionary of Health and Society - EBSCO eBook

Sage Dictionary of Statistics - EBSCO eBook


Demographic Yearbook (Annuaire Demographique) - REF HA17 .D45

Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics - REF HA29 .S2363 2007, vols. 1-3

Historical Statistics of the United States: Earliest Times to the Present - REF HA202 .H57 2006, vols. 1-5. Also available online.

Statistical Abstract of the United States - REF HA202 .U7 S65, and online.

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