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Creating Persistent Links: How to Create a Persistent Link

Create Persistent Link

Enter Base URL




Entering a base URL* (the link to which you want to add the proxy prefix) in the above box and pressing the "click me" button will join the university's proxy URL to that base URL, creating a persistent link automatically. For instructions on manually creating a persistent link, please see the remainder of this page.


* Base URLs are sometimes called "stable" or some similar name--see "Identifying Persistent Links" tab for more. 

Persistent Link Instructions

The Proxy Server

To access any USC Upstate subscribed articles or databases, users must be directed through the proxy server. This is done by affixing the following URL as a prefix to any copied web address:

Using the Proxy URL to create a persistent link

Join the proxy URL:

to the base URL (using the below link as an example):

and you have a persistent link:

Subject Guide

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