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South Carolina Digital Library (SCDL) - USC Upstate Collections

The South Carolina Digital Library (SCDL) provides free access to historic materials such as photographs, manuscripts, journals, books, oral histories, objects, etc. illustrating the history and culture of South Carolina from over 40 cultural heritage institutions across the state.  In partnership with the SCDL, the USC Upstate Archives has two digital collections available with plans for additional collections in the future.  These collections are: 

The Carolana (yearbook), a collection of 16 volumes spanning the years 1969 - 1990.  The collection is complete, although the yearbook was not produced between 1983 and 1988.  View the collection HERE:

The Center for Women's and Gender Studies 20th Anniversary Poster Collection celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies.  This collection documents the evolution of the center through the myriad of events hosted over the last twenty years, exemplifying their ongoing commitment to celebrating diversity in all its incarnations.  View the collection HERE.  


University Publications

A small portion of University Publications has been digitized and is viewable via the Internet Archive.  This collection includes selected editions of the Academic Catalogs, the Faculty Manual the Faculty Handbook, various telephone directories, selected editions of student literary publications, and other miscellaneous items.  These digitized collections can be accessed using the links below:        


View digitized versions of the Academic Catalog using this link.

View digitized versions of the Faculty Manual using this link.

View digitized versions of the Faculty Handbook using this link.

View digitized versions of the campus Telephone Directory using this link.  

The entire collection can be viewed at the Internet Archive using this link.