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Computer Labs

Library Computer Lab Hours: 

The 24/7 Glass Lab closes briefly 5 minutes prior to the library closing. After library hours, a USC Upstate ID must be scanned at the foyer entrance to enter the 24/7 Glass lab. 

Computer Labs 115 and 118 Open with the opening of the Library and they close 30 minutes prior to the library closing. Periodically throughout the semester, both Lab 115 and/or Lab 118 may be closed for Library Instruction Sessions. Please be sure to check the schedule posted outside the lab door for availability.

Computer Lab Staffing: 

If you have problems or questions, please feel free to get help from a lab assistant at the Computer Lab Help Desk. If a lab assistant is not present, assistance can be obtained at the Circulation Desk.

Study Areas

***Please DO NOT leave your personal items unattended the library is not responsible for any items left unatended.

General Study Area

The Main floor of the library offers many tables for general study and while it is not silent study please be thoughtful of those around you and keep conversations hushed. Many of these tables offer power strips for charging your electronic equipment.  Sofas and chairs are also available on this floor for more casual relaxing and studding. 

Group Study

Group Study rooms are on the first floor at the far right end of the library. These study rooms are ideal for group work. They include seating and tables that can accommodate several members of a group. These areas are first come first serve and intended for group use, solitary users may be asked to use silent study area upstairs.

Silent Study 

The second floor of the library is designated as Silent Study. Patrons will find many study carrels located upstairs, many of these carrels are equipped with power for charging your laptops, phones and other electronic equipment. Please remember to keep take all conversations and phone calls downstairs and help keep the second floor as silent study.

Multimedia Listening/Viewing Room

The USC Upstate Library offers a television and DVD/VCR player in one of the group study rooms for viewing class related materials.

Assistive Equipment Room

This area, located near the group study rooms, is used for the listening impaired and viewing impaired. The room is equipped with:

  • Low Density Lighting for screen reading.
  • Braille Books available for reading.
  • JAWS software
  • KURZWEIL Reader 

Please see the Circulation Desk for access to this room.

Computer Lab Photos

Lab 118Computer Lab 118

24/7 Glass Lab

24/7 Glass Lab

Computer Lab 115

Study Area Pictures

Group Study RoomGroup Study Room

Upstairs Study Carrels

Upstairs Silent Study Carrels

General Study Area Picture

General Study Area