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Circulating Collection

The General Collection, or Circulating Collection, is located on both the first and second floor of the library. This is the largest of the library's collections. The collection contains books, video recordings and music recordings. After entering the library and passing by the Reference Desk, the first section of shelving on the right is the Circulating Collection. This collection is labeled with blue signage and has call numbers at the end of the panels. This collection begins with call numbers A- N. The rest of the collection is kept on the second floor with call numbers P-Z.

Juvenile Collection

The USC Upstate Library's Juvenile Collection is located to the back right side of the library near the group study rooms. These books are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System. They are identified by the location "Juvenile" in the Library's system. The Juvenile Collection contains: non-fiction, fiction, easy books and many of the Newbery & Caldecott Award winning titles.

Leisure Reading Collection

The USC Upstate Library's Leisure Reading Collection is located on the main floor of the library on shelves near the group study rooms. These books are organized by author's last name. The Leisure Reading Collection contains donated popular fiction, non-fiction books and books on CD. These resources are identified by the keywords "Leisure Reading," which can be searched in the library catalog. Book donations for the leisure reading collection can be dropped off at the circulation desk or given to Bree Kirsch in office LIB 114A.

Thank you to the following donors for helping us create the Leisure Reading Collection at USC Upstate: 

  • American Legion Post 28, Spartanburg 
  • Joan Blalock, Cowpens Library 
  • Jean Foster, Boiling Springs Library 
  • Todd Stephens, Spartanburg County Library
  • Ginger Ridings, Inman Library
  • Chris Rogers, Middle Tyger Library 
  • Chandra Placer, Westside Library
  • Jonathan Kirsch, Pacolet Library 
  • Susan Hodge Irwin and Pinckney Irwin, USC Upstate 
  • Breanne Kirsch, USC Upstate 
  • Teresa Dees, USC Upstate
  • Jan Lowry, USC Upstate 

Maps and Atlases Collection

The USC Upstate Library's Maps and Atlases Collection is located directly under the stairs that lead up to the second floor of the library. These are flat maps arranged by area location. There are also local maps available. Additionally, atlases arranged by the Library of Congress Classification System are available in this area. 

These materials do not circulate; however, remember there are many current maps available on the Internet. If you need assistance finding a map, please ask-a-librarian.

Oversize Collection

Books that are oversized are located before the circulating collection begins at A. This area is directly after the 24/7 lab. There are also oversized items that are located in the reference collection. These items are located after the Z reference call number items in the compact shelving. If you need more assistance do not hesitate to, ask-a-librarian.

Periodicals & Microforms

Periodicals are publications issued at regular intervals like a newspaper, magazine or journal. In the USC Upstate Library, the periodicals are shelved in alphabetical order by the title of the newspaper, magazine or journal. There are several locations of periodicals, depending on their currency and format.

Current Issues 
Current Issues are located in the area directly after the Reference section, near Lab 115 and Lab 118. Issues are kept until they are sent to the bindery, which varies with each title. The newest edition is on top of the shelf and previous editions may be found by pulling the raisable shelf up and exposing the other titles. Newspapers are shelved in the Periodicals Section and older editions are kept behind the Circulation Desk.

Bound Periodicals 
Bound Periodicals are shelved in the compact shelving that runs along the wall adjacent the computer labs. Titles are in alphabetical order. If you cannot locate a relatively current title on either the current or bound shelves, the Circulation Desk can check the record for the title and see whether it has been sent to the bindery.

Some periodicals come in microfilm format. Microfilm is housed in cabinets behind the 24/7 lab glass wall. The Microfilm readers are also located in this area.

Microfiche is available for Daily Congressional Record 1986- July 2000, Monthly Catalog 1965-1977, South Carolina Constitution 1895, South Carolina Convention Journal 1860 -62,65,68, 95, Congressional Record 1949-1978. These publications are also found in the cabinets near the Microfiche and Microfilm readers.

Microfilm readers can be used to read both microfilm and microfiche materials. These machines have numerous delivery functions. If you need assistance in finding or copying the material, please ask-a-librarian.

Many periodicals are listed in the online Library Catalog and are searchable by the Periodical Title. The catalog lists the title and the library location for the item. If you have any problems finding a periodical or understanding how to search for a title in the online catalog, please ask-a-librarian.

Reference Collection

After entering the library and passing the Reference Desk, the first section of shelving on the left is the Reference Collection. These are compact shelving units so the handles must be turned left or right in a circle motion to gain access to the collection. This collection is labeled with red signage and has call numbers at the end panels. The Reference Collection contains books that provide:

  • Biographical Dictionaries
  • Concordances
  • Directory listings
  • Encyclopedia
  • Gazetteer
  • Literary Criticisms
  • Map Criticisms
  • Statistics

Since these books are not available for check out, the material stays within the library all of the time. The Reference Librarians will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate reference source you need for your project.


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