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Fall 2018


This library guide is intended to help lead you to resources that will help you find professional articles for your article reviews. Remember that each topic has its own challenges. If you hit any roadblocks when searching or have any questions about the resources in this guide, don't hesitate to contact me.

Searching for Your Topic

To create search terms for your topic:

  • Clearly define your topic and research question
  • What larger subject does your topic belong to (you may need to broaden your topic if you use subject headings or descriptors in the online catalog or article databases)
  • What are narrower aspects of your topic? Sometimes it is helpful to search for information on one aspect of your topic.
  • Are there any proper names associated with your topic? Information is often organized around persons, organizations, geographic terms, and the like. If there are any prominent names associated with your topic, it may help you find relevant information.
  • Come up with several keywords and synonyms to use in searching.
  • In library catalogs and article databases, formulate search phrases using the Boolean connectors (AND, OR, NOT), placing exact phrases in quotes, and employing strategies like truncation. Look at the help pages in the various databases to see what techniques work in each database.
  • Use subject terms or descriptors in databases to refine your search. Like subject headings in the library catalog, descriptors or subject terms are assigned to articles on the basis of similar subject content. Many databases have hyperlinked terms that can lead you to all articles indexed with a particular subject term. Just be aware that your topic may encompass more than one subject term or descriptor.

Library Faculty

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